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Jessica Tenuta

Product Designer, Illustrator, Education Entrepreneur


I am the Chief Product Officer and Cofounder of Packback, where I work with our engineering, design, and support teams to design a product experience that awakens and fuels students' lifelong curiosity. Packback has been used by nearly a million students at over 300 universities and community colleges in the United States and Canada.

I am also the cofounder and creative director of Play Together, a Chicago-based non-profit art-and-music label that produces limited edition collaborations between a visual artist and a musical artist, with proceeds benefitting a selected Chicago arts education program. Creative education is crucial the success and happiness of Chicago's students, and too often these programs are cut. Through our work with Play Together, we're working to make Chicago the best place in the world to be a creator.

Early in my career, I designed brands for portfolio companies at Lightbank and Listen Ventures. I founded my very first company Inkblot Designs in high school, creating and selling hand-illustrated custom shoes.

My work has been featured in Forbes, the Chicago Sun Times, Fast Company, the Techweek 100, TEDx, and Chicago Inno.

Follow my writing on Medium, where I write about design, product strategy, and building purpose-led startups.

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